Father Christmas Is Coming!!!

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Father Christmas is coming...! 

To a street near you...! Full list of dates and streets below.!

Times 5:00pm - 7:00pm

MONDAY 10th December

Broad Oak, Uplands Park, Gorse Hill, Broad View, Broad Hill Close.

Tuesday 11th December

Elm Way, Walnut Close, The Oaks, Magnolia Close, Bay Tree Close, Aspen Walk.

Wednesday 12th December

Sycamore Close, Hawthorn Close, Coppice View, Lime Way, Cherry Gardens, Mulberry Way.

Thursday 13th December

Cherwell Road, Springwood Road, Streatfield Road.

Friday 14th December

Mill Road, Mill Close, Tilsmore Road.


Monday 17th December

Waldron Thorns, Leeves Way, Leeves Close, Geers Wood.

Tuesday 18th December

Swaines Way, Tree Tops, Frenches Farm, Hailsham Road.

Wednesday 19th December

Holly Drive, Meadow Way, Longview Road, Pinetree Road.

Thursday 20th December

Rotary Club Night - No street collections.

Friday 21st December

Mutton Hall Lane, Ridgeway Close, Downs View, High Croft Crescent, Newnham Way.







We will also be at the Heathfield School for the School Sports Awards

Thursday, 8 November

School Sports Awards 

 What's to come  - Christmas & 2019...

Heathfield Show

The organisation of volunteers for the 2019 show to be undertaken in the New Year. JR

Christmas collection - Co-op, Street collection, Wyevale

Wyevale’s scheduled sessions have been generally covered by volunteers within HWRC

Only a few sessions remain to be filled

Co-op and Street collection dates have now been finalised

Co-op – Dec 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th .

Street collection – Dec 7th 10th 11th 12th 14th 17th 18th 19th 21st .

In addition there are proposed dates for collections in the High street on 8th Dec and collection at the Farmers Market on 15th Dec.

In order to ensure that collection days are fully manned the committee decided to ask for volunteers by splitting the collection days into three sections starting with the days nearest to Christmas. Ideally the first set of days needs to be substantially manned before trying to man the second set etc.

People willing to volunteer but unable to help on the initial days near Christmas should advise any member of the fund raising committee so their name can be allocated to their preferred available dates. CS is to produce the H&S risk assessment for this event. RO/MG/ CS

Golf Day

NH to organise whilst still available, MG to shadow and take over if/when necessary.

Proposed date for this event is 25th April 2019 NH/MG

Pointless Quiz

Scheduled for March 2019 along the same lines as the previous Pointless Quiz.

Suggested date is March 23rd RO

Burns Night Supper

The State Hall has been booked for 26th January 2019 for this event.

Provision of food, Piper and a caller for the Scottish dancing have been organised. Proposal/budget will be presented to club at the next business meeting following submission to Council for approval. CS is to produce the H&S risk assessment for this event. RO /RR/CS

Sponsored bike ride – feasibility to be investigated by MG/MB.

Initial investigation will look at whose permission is required to use the Cuckoo Trail. May be usefully assisted by I G. ( possibly 2019 event). MG/MB


Tribute band concert - indoor venue to be investigated by RO, feasibility study ongoing

( possible 2019 event) RO

Bonfire night - partnership with Heathfield Bonfire Society – regular event for 2019.

Steve Thomas is due to come to the club on 1st November, and club should have pertinent questions ready for his visit.